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"Talk about a royal treatment 😍

1st time traveler and I was so worried about planning right and knowing I wasn't going to get screwed on any online deals that I decided to reach out to Guyer Travel. SO THANKFUL I DID! Dillon was amazing and did all the work while putting my worries into consideration. Tons of add ons and special packages!

Thank you for making us feel like we weren't just another customer but like we were your most valued customer! July can't come soon enough! 🌊🌴" - 5 Stars 

Megan Lewis

Travel Friend

"Dillon booked our trip to California and I was amazed. The hotel was absolutely beautiful, our rental was a free upgrade to a Benz, and any questions we had he was right there to answer. I would almost definitely use guyer travel in the future. A vacation completely stress free, no foot work, no researching that needed to be done and no sitting in the phones or internet booking things. he brought everything to us, we got to chose excursions hotels and amenities and he did all the leg work! If your looking for a travel agent I highly recommend dillon guyer." - 5 Stars

Megan Blanchard

Travel Friend

"I would like to thank Dillon from Guyer Travel, he has been very thorough, dependable and great at communicating with us. I was not sure exactly were i wanted to take my family on vacation besides knowing somewhere tropical. Dillon found us a great package and trip with unbelievable upgrades, so with all this being said we could not be happier with our experience with Dillon and Guyer Travel. Thanks again Dillon" - 5 Stars 

Thomas Kerouac 

Travel Friend

I’m happy to be the 100th review! Dillon is not only a friend of our family but he also books amazing vacations for us! He gives us sound travel advice, suggestions, and recommendations. He indulges our million changes to itineraries etc with a smile! Our family will no longer travel without Dillon taking care of all the little details that he so happily does!

Carrie Feyler and Mary Jo Snyder

Travel Friend

"We are totally overwhelmed and grateful for Guyer Travel visit to Gonic elementary today. Our son has been fascinated and shall we say, obsessed, by the Titanic since around age 2! Today he turned 6 and I honestly can’t think of a better gift than this experience you gave him! It was so generous and kind to give him pieces from the Titanic. He immediately wanted to call all his family members near and far to tell them. He will treasure it forever. It brings tears to my eyes that he gets to meet someone in person who shares his passion. My husband and he went to your library presentation as well.

Thank you so much! You are an amazing resource for this community!!!"  - 5 Stars

Lapointe Family 

Travel Friend

"Dillon was amazing at helping us book our Alaska adventure. He made sure we received exactly what we wanted and was patient and very reactive when we needed to make adjustments. Extremely professional and easy to get in touch with when I had questions. Guyer Travel International was a pleasure to work with & highly recommended.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five Stars!"  - 5 Stars 

Desjardin Family 

Travel Friend

"I worked closely with Dillon for a Westbrook Youth Football raffle and he was awesome. He was extremely generous with his donation, and helped us raise over $3500 for the program. He is currently planning a memorable trip for my daughter and I for her graduation. His experience and knowledge takes the stress out of travel." - 5 Stars 

Melissa Remmington 

Travel Friend / Community Partner

"What can I say....I met Dillon about a year ago through a contest he was having that someone shared. I WON!! I was so excited because me and my other half needed a much needed date night! I actually won! Through the grape vine someone I know spoke highly about me to him. We not only had Red Sox tickets but surprised us with much more for our night out....Fast forward we stayed connected and I started seeing things he does in the community. My oldest cheers and the girls were looking to volunteer for something in the community....without hesitation he set them up to help hand out backpacks on National night out in Rochester! The girls were working on raising money for a trip to Disney! Dillon not only showed up at an event they were doing but personally handed them a check to go towards there trip! I work in education and he always surprises me just recently he showed up at a local school giving away things to students and teachers. Dillon is kind soul and the world needs more of him! I haven't been able to book a vacation just yet....but he will be my guy!!" - 5 Stars 

Sarah Brown

Travel Friend / Community Partner 

"The easter egg hunt you masterminded was a big hit between my boys yesterday! they were upset they couldnt be around any family & couldnt do more of a hunt for eggs & your Easter egg hunt was very successful over here!! I think you should deffintly come up with some more games! thank you so much for everything you do , seriously though!!" - 5 Stars  

Katrina Gordon

Travel Friend / Community Partner 

"I don’t travel often so I really don’t like making all the arrangements. It’s a pain. And sometimes I try to cheap out and get the most inexpensive place possible.

On one trip, I insisted on a dirt cheap hotel close to our destination. Dillon advised against it but obliged. We got there at 1am and the place was horrifying. I mean dangerously horrifying. I called Dillon and begged him to get us out of there stat! He did. Got us a beautiful, clean, safe place a short way away.

We should have listened to him in the first place!!

The next time he recommended a place we did not question him." - 5 Stars 

Ginger Soule

Travel Friend

"I wanted to wait to post my review of Guyer Travel until I had actually returned from the first trip I booked. Things can always seem great over the phone and then fall apart in fruition. I am so pleased to say that's not what happened here. I was trying to plan my honeymoon when I got a referral from a close friend for this company. I have traveled my entire life and have only worked with an agent once- and while she was fine I didn't see the need to use one again. I did decide to message them and give it a shot. Right away I could tell that Dillon is passionate about what he does- and cares about making the process easy and fun for his clients. My husband and I just returned from the Bahamas, and we had a wonderful time. From the flights to the hotel, to the cruise, I felt like if anything went wrong I could depend on Dillon to help me make it right. I've already booked another trip with him, and I know I will continue to do so. I highly suggest travel in all forms, and I highly suggest speaking to Guyer Travel to make it a possibility for yourself. Thanks again!" - 5 Stars 

Robin Kennedy

Travel Friend  

"We have been booking vacations with Guyer Travel for about 6 yrs now. We have only had great experiences! Dillon is amazing and so was every one of the vacations he has sent us on!!! Congrats on 6yrs of exceptional service!!! 🎉 We can’t wait to continue traveling through Guyer Travel!! 🌴☀️🌴" - 5 Stars 

Alicia Jorgensen

Travel Friend 

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