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Normandy / Paris March 2024
Traip Academy

Details Updated Periodically. 

Welcome, you must already be excited as one of the selected few attending this trip to Normandy France, to be there during the 80th anniversary of D-Day in 2024. As a team we look forward to making this as easy as possible for you all.  


December 24th 2023:

Thank you all for your patience! We have successfully launched the website where you will find all your up to date information pertaining to your students traveling in Normandy, France this March. 

December 29th 2023: 

IF you haven't already please send over a photo of your students passport, or proof you have applied. Travel Insurance DOES NOT cover if you do not have a passport by the day of. 

As a group we have secured a room block, and rooming assignments have been requested of you all. We will do out bets to accommodate everyones wishes. Some students may be sleeping 4, or 5 to a room with private ensuite bathroom. All students will be secure in a private BnB estate, on the French countryside. 

Our flight is a grouped rate, and an instructional video on baggage will be posted here. Everyone is allowed ONE checked bag, ONE personal item( backpack/purse/etc) and ONE Carry-On luggage. 

It's recommended all students be prepared with $100 per day, or $700 total minimum spending. Access to a credit card, or debit card through your bank is recommended as well for emergencies. If the latter advice is used, please notify the bank of travel before the travel dates. 

To help you and your student budget, we will have an outline of meal inclusions daily with the formal itinerary. ANY DIETARY NEEDS OR ALLERGIES NEED TO BE EMAILED TO GUYER TRAVEL BY JANUARY 30th. 

January 15th 2024: 

Due to many changes, we are altering the itinerary slightly and utilizing a new airline to better benefit everyone involved, as the dynamic has shifted during our time fundraising. We appreciate your patience as we get this updated information out to everyone. 

Our flight does have a layover, and by utilizing a world class airline like Aer Lingus, having our group specialist and owner Dillon Guyer traveling with the students, and booking flights with comfortable layover times will make this a seamless process with minimal anxieties for everyone. 

After all of this work, we have successfully mitigated the grouped rate back down to the $2800.00 quoted rate. This, with generous donations and raffle sales, have drastically reduced the cost directly needed from you families directly. 

A final itinerary will be posted here within 30 days of now, once finalized with Dillon Guyer, Jane Durgin, and the owners of Domain Airborne who have graciously offered their time for personalized private tours, rooms for us all and bus driver, dining/catering services, all at their safe estate. 

Students are not permitted to bring, or purchase white traveling for use or sale: tobacco or nicotine products,THC products or marijuana, any illicit drugs, and or alcohol. Any student who breaks this rule, or any other behavioral issue will result in the student being flown home. Immediate flight arrangements will be taken care of by Guyer travel, and billing may be due within 10 days of incident, in some situations immediate payment may be required. We look forward to no student breaking these rules. Any student caught breaking the former rule in airport security will be subject to international law. 

January 16th: 

Feb 27th- 

Thank you for your patience. We have a full updated itinerary, with incredible upgrades courtesy of Delta Airlines. 

Please see the rough draft itinerary below. : 

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 2.22.00 PM.png

Feb 27th- ( Insurance Plan is Based on Value Paid for 10 travels X2 Plans. )   

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 2.22.04 PM.png

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