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Mystery/Unreal France City and Countryside 8 Night Adventure.

Mystery/Unreal France City and Countryside 8 Night Adventure.


Deal: Looking for something off the beaten path? 

Of course you are looking for Paris and its infamous Catacombs, but how about a classic medieval pirate village? WWII beaches? Classic villages? Explore the countryside and get stuck in a cow jam? All of this is possible! 

This Mystery deal will leave the entire itinerary up to our European specialist to plan your incredible journey around France! 



Dates: July - September 2024 OR March - September 2025. 



Disclaimer: This deal is for TWO ADULTS, please inquire about family trips.

Package includes flights from Boston, Hotel stay for the duration of your trip in two different locations, breakfast, transfers, rental car, insurance, and more. 



Dillons Notes: This deal is looking after my own travels to France and takes many variables and mindsets into account. 


-Once deal is paid for, a Guyer Travel Network LLC advisor will reach out within 48 hours. 

-During this phone call we will go over all the logistics and details involved to secure this Mystery Deal during the dates provided.

-Specific medical requirements may be mandated by countries you are traveling to. 

-During this in-depth consultation be prepared to answer question's about physical abilities, medical needs and allergies, past travel experience, areas of interest, areas of disinterest, and more. 

-Post consult, you will receive your travel documents confirming payment, dates, times, and packing essentials. 

-Recipients of this deal will be notified of their exact location, flight, hotel, transfer, and tours 10 days prior to their trip. 

-Prior to notification, client will be given a brief description of the general location, climate, tour opportunities, and overall synopsis of what to expect IE Caribbean resort OR Alaskan Cruise, with primary details withheld. 

-IF your deal can not be honored, an instant refund will be processed AND future credit honored. 




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