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Mystery/Unreal Deal: 8 Nights Peruvian Escape!

Mystery/Unreal Deal: 8 Nights Peruvian Escape!


Deal: 8 Nights exploring Peru, with one of the oldest studied civiliations on Earth. Your vacation will be a blend of relaxation at a 5 Star Resort overlooking the ocean, with a blend of trekking and diverse culture while you immerse yourself into a world of unique customs and cuisine, paired with art and natural wonder. 



Dates: July - October 2024 Select Dates 



Disclaimer: This deal is for TWO ADULTS, please inquire about family trips.

Package includes flights from Boston, potential layover hotel and or tour, rental car, private pool suite/ resort stay, breakfast, and 4 days of tours. 



Dillons Notes: This deal is going to induldge that history buff, or someone looking for a trip unlike any other. This isnt the Caribbean, this isnt the Med, this is an entirely new experience for those seeking a new thrilling adventure. 


-Once deal is paid for, a Guyer Travel Network LLC advisor will reach out within 48 hours. 

-During this phone call we will go over all the logistics and details involved to secure this Mystery Deal during the dates provided.

-Specific medical requirements may be mandated by countries you are traveling to. 

-During this in-depth consultation be prepared to answer question's about physical abilities, medical needs and allergies, past travel experience, areas of interest, areas of disinterest, and more. 

-Post consult, you will receive your travel documents confirming payment, dates, times, and packing essentials. 

-Recipients of this deal will be notified of their exact location, flight, hotel, transfer, and tours 10 days prior to their trip. 

-Prior to notification, client will be given a brief description of the general location, climate, tour opportunities, and overall synopsis of what to expect IE Caribbean resort OR Alaskan Cruise, with primary details withheld. 

-IF your deal can not be honored, an instant refund will be processed AND future credit honored. 




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