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Disney World 
Feb 2024
Bedford High School

Details Updated Periodically. 

Welcome! If you are here, you must already be excited to attend this special event at Disney World in Feb 2023 celebrating your students as they perform at Disney world and Disney Springs. Please reference this page for updates and all pertaining information as we progress. 


Updated September 25th : 

We have extended the deadline for the full $600 deposit until September 22nd!

Anyone who made at least the initial deposit of $100 by September 1st, will receive a discount in the value of $50pp going, as well as a free raffle ticket entering you to win a Free Cruise out of NYC! 

Anyone depositing before September 22nd will be honored the $2380 rate per student, and $2200 rate per adult. As a generous thank you to everyone who deposited by September 1st, this now allows us to maximize the number of students able to attend and perform in Disney World. An updated intent is being prepared and sent to all pertaining families. 

Please reach out to Dillon Guyer directly for questions, or input. 

Updated October 29th 2023 :

OUR PLANE AND GROUPED BUSSING IS FULL. At this time, anyone who would be interested in adding onto the group would need to consult Dillon Guyer directly. We have successfully not only met our goal, but filled our group to our requested capacity. Additional guests at this time may have to seek alternative bussing arrangements and flights, but may still join the group for Disney, and events prepared. 

Reminder, that payments can be made by credit or debit card with a 5% fee to cover the banking costs. Dillon Guyer will have a date in November and December in which parents can meet up after work hours if they desire to make final payment in person. Payments made directly with check, money order, or cash to Dillon or Music Admin incurs no fee. 

Students are requested to bring no more than ONE backpack, and ONE checked bag. A full size carry on is not included with our grouped rate. IF your student requires an additional bag, reach out to Dillon Guyer directly. 

Any late payments past the final payment date will incur a $150 fee per person, and the risk of losing your group slot. Please seek Dillon Guyer for questions before final payment date, if any issues arise. 

Students are encouraged to me mindful of hand washing, and masks will be provided free by Guyer Travel Network before students get on the bussing to Logan Airport in Boston, if they desire to use one during the flight and transit to the hotel. 

If your student requires medication, please reference the school policies in place, and or seek Music Admin. 

January 29th: 

-Checked baggage has a 40lb weight limit.  

-My Disney Experience App Here

-TSA Prohibited Items Here

Projected Flight Times: 

-Please follow up with this page regularly for updates. 

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 10.12.04 AM.png

Feb 8th: 


Highlights : 


Students will be traveling with Admin who have traveled on these experiences before, as well as with agency owner Dillon Guyer who has worked with groups as large as 150 individuals. 

Students will participate in marching down Main St Magic Kingdom performing with the marching band, and or singing at Disney Springs World Pavilion. 

Parents and adults traveling with are NOT mandated to be chaperones.

All adults traveling with receive the same perks as students as far as transportation from Bedford High, Meal Vouchers, Insurance, etc. 

Students will enjoy the freedoms of Park Hopper Passes, Inclusive Disney Dining, Rooming assignments with friends, Private bussing from the High School and in Orlando, making them feel like rockstars all week as the perform! 

We have a grouped charter rate with JetBlue, Disney, Mears, Insurance , etc. 

This is a School Board Approved event, with Comprehensive Cancel For Any Reason Insurance* 

The Free Cruise Raffle is a generous donation from Guyer Travel directly, and all profits from ticket sales go towards students Disney balances. Any overpayment with ticket sales, will be refunded in the form of a Disney Gift card back to the students during their trip. 

The " Free Cruise" Is a choice of 7, 8, or 9 Night Sailing on MSC Meraviglia, out of NYC for select dates, to a variety of Bahamas islands!. Balcony room for two, with all taxes and fees paid for, and your dining, alcohol, and wifi packages included with spending credits.

 A Vacation credit in the value of $2500.00 OR Cash payout in the value of $1000.00 are your alternative options if you do not wish to partake on the MSC sailing. 

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